Introduction to C#

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This course provides the fundamental building blocks for programmers that wish to use C# to build desktop or web based applications in C#.  This course fully supports .Net core with all examples and coding exercises geared to .Net core.  This course is perfect for client developers familiar with HtML, Javascript, php, python or other scripting languages that wish to move on to a full-fledged object-oriented language!

Why choose this course?  Microsoft uses Chuck's courses to train their developers internally.  Chuck's courses have been delivered to thousands of developers in-person, online and via Udemy, including  major corporations, government agencies and military around the world.

This course emphasizes coding experience with both local labs on your machine or utilize the Udemy lab environment.

Specifically, the course covers:

  • Syntax - understand the basic rules of programming in C#

  • Types - get to know the primitive types

  • Operators - from arithmetic to logical

  • Loops - get to know all the looping capabilities of C#

  • Conditionals - decision making in C#

  • Arrays - deal with lots of data

  • Structs - create your own data types

  • Classes - The foundation of object-oriented programming

At the conclusion of this course, students will have the needed skills to proceed to more advanced topics in C# like inheritance & generics.  Using interactive lessons, this course provides ample hands-on activities that the student can use to check their progress and reinforce their understanding of concepts.

Move on to our intermediate course next and you are a professional C# developer!

This course is presented by Chuck McCullough.  Chuck is a professional developer with over 30 years of development experience.  Chuck has also trained thousands of developers in programming topics.