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Custom Software Development

McCullough & Associates has been developing applications for major corporations for over 20 years.

We have a long history of on-time, on-budget delivery.  Our flexible development strategies allow us to accomdate many changes during development without impacting our schedule and budget.

Many of our products are used internally or are resold by our customers.  Confidentiality prevents us from sharing the details of many of these projects, but here are a few of our projects and customers:

  • Nortel - intellegent sales configuration tool built with Java.
  • Pediatrix - Electronic medical record (primarily ASP.Net).
  • Samsung Electronics - Softswitch (C++)
  • Tektronix - Many telecommunications products, including protocol analyzers, call processing, etc... (Java, .Net, C++)
  • Verizon - Call record processing (Java, C++)
  • Medical-Edge - Mobile phone physicians assistant (.Net compact framework)
  • Compaq - Various applications (Java, C++)
  • - Education application (ASP.Net)
  • - Education application (ASP.Net)



Contract Development?

It seems that nowdays the accepted practice is to outsource development effort to the lowest rate regardless of the final cost or quality. When outsourcing, consider the following:

  • Studies indicate that the top 10% of developers are 8-10 times more productive than the bottom 90%.
  • The bottom 40% of developers are actually net negative producers.  They add more cost and complexity than functionality!
  • In software development, it is NOT about how many developers you have, but the quality of those developers.
  • With the right developers, less is more.
  • Have you considered the total cost of ownership?  Poorly written software may work, but will be extremely expensive to to change.
  • How SECURE is your intellectual property?

Let us provide a quote for your project.  We will be very competative and we have a 100% on-time, on-budget track record.